Various Small Failures

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Various Small Failures is a zine featuring a collection of photographs from international photographers. These photographs have been carefully arranged into miniature narratives, spread across two pages each, by curator Tham Jing Wen.
Each double page spread aims to tell a brief narrative through careful placement and arrangement of the included photographs. The zine is 74 pages long and contains the photographic work by 31 contributors, which have in turn been masterfully woven through 37 of these self-contained photographic adventures. Printed on 80# matte paper with saddle-stitch binding, this is a masterfully crafted photobook containing some of the finest works by a variety of established contemporary photographers.

The photographers in this zine are:
Alex Josephson
Benjamin Gibb
Bryn Tassell
Christopher Wimbrow
Connor West
Daniel Delidjakov
Devin Connor
Devin Lunsford
Devin Wilson
Douglas Tiedt
Edmond Lu
Glenn Nielson
Lucas DeShazer
Isaac Sachs
James Kullmann
Jason Andrescavage
Jason Leane
John Floren
Justin Ollevier
Manuel Van Dyck
Máté Nagy
Matthew Ribkoff
Michael Garbutt
Nate Bolinger
Niamh O'Donovan
Rob Wissmann
Simon Deadman
Tham Jing Wen
Tim James
Tom Olson
Trevor Zuliani

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